Friday, June 21, 2013

Detergent Market Shows a Growing Trend of 8-10% per Year

Detergents are chemicals used in diluted form which have cleansing nature. There are different categories of detergents such as housing detergents used for household cleaning (washing clothes, toilet soap etc.), industrial detergents formulated for industries, synthetic detergents (bars, powder and liquids) and biological reagent for sanitization of proteins found in living cells.

The utilization of detergents in India is on the higher side with 2.7 kilos per annum as compared to the countries like Thailand, Indonesia and China it is approx 2 kilos per annum. It is predicted that, the Indian detergent market will expand in terms of volume by 7 to 9 percent. The growth in the textile industry and the consumer awareness increased the usage of detergent and soaps with a record of 8 to 10 percent per year. The synthetic detergent market is divided into three sectors; premium like surf and Ariel; mid price like Rin and Wheel; and popular segments like Nirma which reports for about 15 percent, 40 percent and 45 percent respectively of the total industry. The concept of low cost detergents was created by Nirma.

The introduction of improved products like Comfort fabric conditioner, Rin liquid blues etc. in the laundry market is following the market trend for creating a new post wash section. Liquid detergent wheels over 20 percent in the South East Asia, making the market extremely dynamic by replacing the existing one. Household and industrial detergents show a fast growth in Asia Pacific over the United States and Middle East because of the rise in the demand and expanding markets.

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