Saturday, June 15, 2013

Social Media - A Breakthrough Communication

Listening to the word social media the first thing which creeps into the mind is that, it is  the medium which helps in communication, by producing, sharing and trading of thoughts and information with the outer world; it correlates both an individual and the public by commencing interaction between them. This dissemination of thoughts is done with the help of cell phones and internet based technologies. Social media marketing helps in drawing one’s concentration and persuades them to share it via their social networks like twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, google+ etc.

A market research report says that the number of people, globally using social networking sites is expected to boost from 1.8 billion in 2013 to 2.5 billion by 2017.

Social media is different from the traditional media in many ways pertaining to its usability, durability, immediate delivery of the content and reach to the maximum audience. A country report on India states that, there are 64,000,000 people using Facebook in which 74.8 percent are males and 25.2 percent are females. The bar graph shows the percentage users of Facebook in different age groups.

Social media marketing is a two way communication which permits a quick overview of a product and the attitude of a consumer related with it. It helps us to understand what exactly the need of a consumer is rather than imposing our opinions on them. Social media marketing assists in compiling reports of different sectors at a very minor cost within a stipulated time frame. According to the changing trends marketers are focusing on many innovative techniques of marketing via social media networks.  The principal aim of social media network is to elevate a healthy correlation among the clientele, by responding to their queries at a faster pace.

Hence, the social media has penetrated so deeply in today’s society that we cannot even imagine a single day without it.

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