Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Paris - A Multi Cultural Destination

Paris is synonymous with romance, art, food and fashion. Often dubbed as the city of love, lights and the fashion capital of the world. Paris has lots to offer to everyone. A market research reports states that the tourism industry is increasing every year, Paris welcomed over 15.6 million visitors in 2012. And it’s not only tourists, 40% of the accounted total visitors in 2012 were business travelers.

Travel briefs of the city
Paris is an intriguing place for people. From its art, culture, fashion, food and business opportunity it makes an irresistible destination. Most of the street has little hidden alley which makes it mysterious as one turn to the alley and you’re lost in the beautiful city.

For art and architecture lovers there’s 
The Louvre- the most coveted art  gallery which houses the famous painting of Mona Lisa, art lovers can bask in the work of Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Leonardo DA Vinci and countless other artists.
The Eiffel Tower –The tower screams elegance and contemporary Paris it was built in 1889 by Gustave Eiffel and since then has attracted 220 million every year. And who could leave the city without visiting the beautiful.

Norte Dame Cathedral- Termed as the most outstanding and stunning cathedrals of Europe, The impressive towers, stained glass, spire, and statuary guaranteed to take the breath away for sure.
A traveler is often in search for good exotic food which spells the culture of the city and Parisian doesn’t fail to impress you with its culinary skills. Few must try for first timers
Macaroon: These cute and colorful desserts are hard to miss. Found in most of the bakeries , they are a light confectionery made from egg whites almonds, sugar and food coloring, then served in a rainbow of flavors and the  packaging makes it very apt for gifting.
Fromage: Try chariot the fromage and other array of cheese if you’re a cheese person.
Crepes: Common savoury fillings for crêpes, generally cheese, mushrooms and eggs, ham, and a range of meat products.

Paris is undoubtedly known for its excellent taste in fashion. It screams chic, classy and high end.  Chanel, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Lanvin,  Hermès,  Yves Saint Laurent Paris is the shrine for fashion lovers. This city is full of elegance, history, architectural marvelous and high couture. An evening in Paris is all what is required to fall in love with this place. And this travel to Paris will always be memorable.

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